• tithe  

    Sharing of one’s financial resources, or one’s treasures, expresses stewardship. The goal of a faithful steward is to return 10% of their gross household income to God:  5% through the parish, 1% through the annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA), and 4% to other charities.  This is done with an attitude of gratitude.
    The parish also tithes!  We tithe 5% of the gross weekend offertory income to other charities doing ministry in the world, the USA and our local community.  Requests for possible tithe recipients are solicited from parishioners in February.  The Parish Tithing Committee uses distribution guidelines to distribute our tithe.  The parish has tithes over $250,000!
    If you are interested in using a credit or debit card to assist you in being a faithful steward, please contact Tamara Mason, Business Manager at the Parish Office (616-453-8229 ext. 104; tmason@saparish.com ).