• The Parish Endowment at St. Anthony of Padua

    Our Parish Endowment was created as way for parishioners and community members to invest in the future of St. Anthony of Padua. In financial terms, an endowment is an investment fund set up for the donation of money or property with the stipulation that the fund be invested and the principal remain intact. The purpose of this being that the donation then has a greater impact over a long period of time due to compounding interest. The interest earned on the principal of the Parish Endowment will then assist the parish in maintaining and improving the superior quality of the parish’s many and varied ministries in service to God and God’s people.

    By supporting our Parish Endowment, you are helping to ensure the future health of our Catholic Community. Please know that any donation – large or small – is very much appreciated.

    Contact Us

    Please contact the Parish Office (616-453-8229 ext. 100; parishoffice@saparish.com) with any questions or requests.