• Meet the Teachers at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School

    St. Anthony of Padua School strives to create a welcoming community for our students so they can become Catholic leaders who are spiritually devoted and academically accomplished. And of course, this could not be done without the hard work and dedication of our outstanding faculty. 
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns. We are always available to listen and help in any way possible.
    Diana Brand
    2-Day Preschool Teacher
    Jim Murphy
    Fifth Grade Teacher
    Nancy Vogel
    2-Day Preschool Aide
    John Finn
    Sixth Grade Teacher
    Carly Surbrook
    3-Day Preschool Teacher
    Caroline Strong
    Sixth Grade Teacher
    Alice Heitzman
    3-Day Preschool Aide
    Ellen Schwartzfisher
    Seventh Grade Teacher
    Cindy Novitsky
    Developmental Kindergarten Teacher
    Sammi Kempf
    Seventh Grade Teacher
    Ann Price
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Bonnie Bessert
    Eighth Grade Teacher
    Nancy Van Hammen
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Cheryl Orlikowski
    Eighth Grade Teacher
    Kellie Sutherland
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Kendra Burns
    Eighth Grade English Teacher
    Mary Powell
    First Grade Teacher
    Lolly Kamerschen
    PK-K Spanish Teacher
    Amy Domanski
    First Grade Teacher
    Amy Pembrook
    Spanish Teacher
    Lynne Babb
    Second Grade Teacher
    Lois Ege
    Art Teacher
    Michaeleen Gulch
    Third Grade Teacher
    Cindy Byerly
    Music Teacher
    Margie Downer
    Third Grade Teacher
    Karl Johnson
    Physical Education Teacher
    Sara Patterson
    Fourth Grade Teacher