Lenten Family Packet

Ash Wednesday is February 26 and we then enter into the season of Lent.

Religious Education/Faith Formation is all about “handing on the faith”.  As the first proclaimers of the Word to our children, parents have the awesome task of passing on the faith to our children.   Lent is a time of year that is bursting with opportunities for nurturing faith growth within the family.

The attached packet contains suggestions for drawing closer to the Lord and one another.  Our parish Lenten theme is “I’ve Got Your Baggage, Now Follow Me.”  I encourage you to reflect on what kind of “baggage” you may have that prevents you from walking with the Lord.  Try to spend some extra time in prayer and  then utilize some of these activities to share together as a family over the 40 days of Lent in preparation for our celebration of Easter.

2020 Lenten Packet

May this time be one filled with grace and blessings,

Lynne Haley

Director of Religious Education and Faith Formation