Yearbook Event Photos

Photos for the yearbook can be submitted online or via the yearbook app!

Please send photos from school events, sporting events, or classroom parties.

Printable Calendar

Many parents have asked for a printable calendar.
While we work to determine the best format for the calendar,
the link below will allow you to see all events for August and September.
Dates may change, so families are encouraged to use the live calendar on the
webpage or app for most up to date information.

August Printable Calendar

September Printable Calendar


Virtue of the Month: Generosity

One student per class was recognized for demonstrating the Virtue of the Month, Generosity, throughout the month of December.  Responsibility is giving of oneself in a willing and cheerful manner for the good of others


  • Spending time with someone else
  • Smiling
  • Thinking of others first
  • Sharing with someone
  • Bringing food to the poor


  • Would you like to play with me?
  • Silence
  • I will push you on the swing first.
  • Would you like this?
  • I gave food to the poor.

Thank you to all of our students who went out of their way to give to someone else throughout the month of December!  There were several 8th-grade students recognized for their work with their ministry: HQGR; a drop-in center for teens in Grand Rapids.


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