3rd Quarter Honor Roll at West Catholic

Congratulations to the following St. Anthony of Padua alumni who were on the Honor Roll for the 3rd Quarter at West Catholic High School:

Joshua Arsulowicz
Noah Arsulowicz
Colin Bacon
Rachel Bangma
Emily Bizon
Adam Bocian
Benjamin Bocian
Chase Boshoven
Christian Boshoven
Kathleen Clifford
Angela Corey
Joshua Corey
McKenzie Daugherty
Nicholas Dorato
Mitchell Doyle
Carly Duba
Margaret Duba
Nicholas Galen
Ellen Green
Grace Greenop
Brandon Heitzman
Jack Hipp
Daniel Horne
Michael Ignatoski
Colin Jewell
Paige Jewell
Lawrence Kado
Marcus Kado
Abbey Kimball
Nicholas Kimball
John Kirkbride
Elizabeth Long
Grace McCartney
Maximus Misner
Camden Montana
Benjamin Novitsky
Natalie Onderko
Anna Overbeek
Megan Parzych
Alexander Pelton
Benjamin Pelton
Robert Powers
Lindsay Reens
Nolan Rood
Alec Ruback
Morgan Scanlon
Anna Schwartzfisher
Kate Schwartzfisher
Hailey Siwek
Madison Smith
Shawn Tomaszewski
Thomas Vermeesch
Jacob Willsea
Isaac Worrell
Emma Zainea
Ethan Zainea

Virtue of the Month: January and February

January Virtue of the Month Winners. These students were recognized for showing responsibility throughout the month.

February Virtue of the Month Winners.  These students were recognized for showing respect throughout the month. One lucky winner received a St. Anthony of Padua back pack. 

March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month: Catch a Good Book

Students are encouraged to participate in our reading month activities throughout the month of March as we celebrate literacy.

Activities include:

  • Classroom door decorating
  • Mystery guest readers
  • Whitecaps Reading Challenge
  • Reading selfies

See the calendar below for all activities!

Reading selfies/pictures can be sent to photos@saparish.com

March is Reading Month Calendar and Events


Virtue of the Month: Generosity

One student per class was recognized for demonstrating the Virtue of the Month, Generosity, throughout the month of December.  Responsibility is giving of oneself in a willing and cheerful manner for the good of others


  • Spending time with someone else
  • Smiling
  • Thinking of others first
  • Sharing with someone
  • Bringing food to the poor


  • Would you like to play with me?
  • Silence
  • I will push you on the swing first.
  • Would you like this?
  • I gave food to the poor.

Thank you to all of our students who went out of their way to give to someone else throughout the month of December!  There were several 8th-grade students recognized for their work with their ministry: HQGR; a drop-in center for teens in Grand Rapids.