Partnering with Parents: ok2say


Join us for a partnering with parents event at 6:30 pm at St. Anthony of Padua School.


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This seminar provides practical tools, including internet safety tips and how to:
1) access the Michigan Sex Offender Registry
2) understand the impact of digital footprints
3) realize the risk of sharing photos with embedded location information
4) identify the possible privacy risks of different apps
5) recognize the potential dangers and legal ramification of sexting and
6) identify cyberbully warning signs and develop a plan of action.

This seminar also overviews the student safety programming that has been presented to nearly 2 million Michigan children in kindergarten – 12th grade. Students in K – 5th grade receive the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI), a national, award-winning program that teaches students how to be safe and responsible online. Students in 6th – 12th grade receive OK2SAY student safety programming covering topics facing youth today, including appropriate online behavior, cyberbullying, and threats to student well-being. Launched in September 2014, OK2SAY provides a confidential way to file tips on criminal activity or potential harm directed at students, school employees, or schools.

Student presentations will be on Friday, December 7, 2018 during the school day.

Catholic High School Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following St. Anthony of Padua graduates who are on the Honor Roll

West Catholic High School!

Joshua Arsulowicz
Noah Arsulowicz
Colin Bacon
Eve Bacon
Rachel Bangma
Emily Bizon
Adam Bocian
Benjamin Bocian
Chase Boshoven
Christian Boshoven
Ashleigh Carlson
Kathleen Clifford
Angela Corey
Joshua Corey
McKenzie Daugherty
Nicholas Dorato
Mitchell Doyle
Carly Duba
Margaret Duba
Nicholas Galen
Ellen Green
Grace Greenop
Brandon Heitzman
Daniel Horne
Michael Ignatoski
Colin Jewell
Paige Jewell
Lawrence Kado
Marcus Kado
Abbey Kimball
Nicholas Kimball
John Kirkbride
Jack Klein
Vincent Ladner
Elizabeth Long
Grace McCartney
Grace Misner
Camden Montana
Benjamin Novitsky
Natalie Onderko
Anna Overbeek
Megan Parzych
Benjamin Pelton
Lindsay Reens
Nolan Rood
Alec Ruback
Morgan Scanlon
Anna Schwartzfisher
Kate Schwartzfisher
Kyle Shultz
Hailey Siwek
Madison Smith
Shawn Tomaszewski
Olivia Tucker
Jacob Willsea
Isaac Worrell
Luke Worrell
Emma Zainea
Ethan Zainea


Catholic Central High School

Abigail Brandstatter
Elisabeth Brandsetter
Evelyn Joynt


Virtue of the Month: Courtesy


One student per class was recognized for demonstrating the Virtue of the Month, Courtesy, throughout the month of October.  Courtesy is treating other people with respect, recognizing that all are made in God’s image and likeness.   We are so proud of you and fortunate to have each of you as students at St. Anthony of Padua School.   One lucky winner, Harper Perry, was selected to win a St. Anthony drawstring back pack.  Our November Virtue of the Month is Gratitude.

Harper received a St. Anthony of Padua drawstring back pack!
Alex missed the group photo, but we still wanted to recognize him!




Mrs. VanHammen – AM Priscilla Milanowski
Mrs. VanHammen – PM Nora Rogalski
Mrs. Brand Morgan Salvati
Mrs. Zainea Sammy Alt
Mrs. Sutherland Mia Haan
Mrs. Powell Connor Greenop
Mrs. Novitsky Harper Perry
Mrs. Domanski Ally Barnum
Mrs. Bergman Emily Powell
Miss Mike Hudson Perry
Ms. Downer Drew Pelton
Mrs. McCartney Jacob Petz
Mr. Murphy Alex DeVries
Mrs. Serra Charlie Walker
Mrs. Patterson Audrey McKeiver
Mr. Hoch Matt Barszewski
Mrs. Schwartzfisher Ethan Powell
Mrs. Bessert Ryan Wilder
Mr. Finn Max Karczmarski


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The Auction for Education Committee is asking for you to support the auction this year in a variety of ways!  Please prayerfully decide how you can contribute.  Are you able to:

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  • Purchase or sell your raffle tickets?
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  • Volunteer your time on November 3rd?
  • Attend “Auction for Education: Livin’ on a Prayer” on November 3rd?

The success of this event depends on our generous supporters and donors.  If you are able to donate, please contact the Parish Office or email:

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Auction For Education 2018

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New School Principal

It is with great happiness that we announce that Mrs. Jenny Pudelko will become our new school Principal beginning July 1, 2018.